How to Organize under your Kitchen Sink

Let’s be honest, most of people’s cabinets are pretty messy… including mine.  Especially after I moved.  I threw everything in and called it a day.  Well, since we have finally finished unpacking the boxes, I am thoroughly going through our house and organizing everything I threw onto shelves and into cabinets to make it easier for me and my family.  

First, I cleared out all of the contents and really looked at what I truly needed under my kitchen sink.  Do I need dusting supplies or toilet bowl cleaner?  No.  Those things can go in the hallway closet or in the bathroom.  Make sure you only put things in the room they are actually needed!

After cleaning out I ended up with this space:

Can I say ew?  It has the dirt of the old owners and just looks nasty, I don’t want to store things down here!  So I got some contact paper to cover it up, catch any spills, and make it more cheery.

Here is after the contact paper:

So much better right?!?

Now for the after. I used a snapware container for the dishwasher pods. I have tried many different containers for these. The ones that just had a regular lid, ended up with the lid never on! I can’t stack things on top of it or it just becomes a huge mess. This container is nice because I can store a lot in it and there is a hinged part for easy access.

Then I got some stackable drawers. I put sponges and rags I use in here, sorted by kind. When I had them in lidded containers everything would just fall over when I grabbed a sponge quick. Clear drawers are the answer since you can easily pull something out and you can see what is inside.

On the door I got a clear spice rack and attached it to the door with command strips. I put my brushes I use on a regular basis, as well as my garbage disposal lid.

On the right side I used an acrylic wine bottle holder for the garbage bags. You can always see how many you have on hand as well as not having to reach into a cardboard box every time you need one. (not to mention it is so pretty!)

I also have a clear acrylic cleaning caddy for other cleaning solutions. I really love having everything in clear cases as it looks clean, is easy to see what I have and I don’t need to label it!

Here is the whole picture: I have excess supplies in the back and all the stuff I use regularly in the front. Below is links to the products I used.

Here is the materials/ items I used:

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