Kitchen Remodel using existing cabinets and layout

When we moved in I was so sure I would want to demo the wall and create an open floor plan into the living room.  The wall is non-bearing so I was ready to get on the band wagon!  But after we moved in, we realized two things.  It is really, really nice to have separation from the noise in the living room and the layout actually worked for us.  I really didn’t think I would like this kitchen at all!  There is two doorways and a window directly into the kitchen and that was enough for us we found out as we started to live here.

Here is what it looked like before we moved in:

This is what it looked like after we got new appliances and redid the floors throughout the house:  Those counters were actually pink!  You can’t tell too well in the photos.

So we have added additional lighting to light up the work spaces of the counters, and gotten new counter tops.  We will be completely refacing the cabinets.  The cabinets themselves are in good shape, they are just not my style AT ALL.  So we will be bringing the boxes to the ceiling, getting new doors on all the cabinets and new hardware.  Our next step is doing a back splash, and then we wait for our cabinet maker friend to do the cabinets.  Eeeek, I am so very excited for that part!  And this is what it looks like for now:  (Please don’t mind Ben the cat who thought this was a good photo op. )

So now onto our backsplash, the next step in our project.  I love a nice clean kitchen so I knew I wanted a white backsplash.  I didn’t want subway tile since that is what everyone is doing right now and I like to be a bit unique.  I knew I wanted a matte tile since I am not always a fan of the shine that comes off the glossy tile.  

I first debated hex and I really liked that idea but I definitely wanted a bigger hex. (not the typical 2×2 style)

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Then I stumbled upon Picket shaped tile.  They have a elongated hex shape and the moment I saw it I knew that was the winner!  I had to have it.  The problem is, they make very large picket tile (4″x12″) or smaller (almost looks like standard hex tile).  The 4×12 tile looks nice but wouldn’t look good on a back splash since you would only be able to stack one full tile and the others would be cut short.  Here is a picture of the 4×12 tile:

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Then I found the Fireclay picket tile.  They make them equal sizes on each side so you can stack them or arrange them in different ways.  They are also small enough (but not too small) that when stacking you can see at least two full tiles.  Here is some examples of the picket tile from Fireclay:

Image courtesy of Fireclay Tile
Image courtesy of Fireclay Tile
Image courtesy of Fireclay Tile

Isn’t it beautiful?!?  So I went to their website and contacted them.  Even though they say on their website, they only send a few color samples, I emailed and asked for whites, grays and blues and this is what they sent me:

So I set them up and looked at them in different lights, and put them on the counter and set up against the wall where the back splash would be.  I made my choice and I am getting the tile called “Calcite”.  It is a beautiful warm white with a matte finish.  Fireclay tile did warn me since it is a matte finish it is best not to use highly contrasting grout (black or dark gray) with this finish as it may stain it.  I will be using a light gray so that won’t be an issue.  Here is the winning color along with the tile:

So I ordered the tile and cannot wait for it to come in.  I think it takes 3-5 weeks for them to make them.  And then another couple weeks for it to ship.  It may be 2 months before my back splash is done but I will update our kitchen redo as we get things checked off the list!

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