Sun Room Makeover

When we first moved in our old place, there is a front entryway that was added onto our house over the old porch.  We assume sometime in the 50’s based on what we found under the paneling and the paneling itself.  There was carpeting on the floor (right inside the front door) and dark wood paneling.  It was just not the first thing you want visitors to see when they enter your house!

We got the cute settee at the end after trying numerous furniture configurations.  This is an awkward room, as it is small and the front door is to the right in this photo.  The settee is small enough but makes a big statement.  You wouldn’t believe how many people asked to buy it if we ever got rid of it.  In fact, the buyers ended up buying it from us!

You can see the front door straight ahead in this photo, and how that little room is right there.  It was nice to have the little room for shoes etc, but would have been great for the foyer to be the true first impression as the house was originally built to be!

The area rug is a cheap one from ikea ($29) but I just got something with a low pile that I could easily clean if it got dirty.  

We also got the coffee table from ikea.  It is glass on the top as I wanted it to be bright and cheerful and didn’t want something weighing the room down.  Here is a similiar coffee table.

We got a small white bench that has storage cubbies to store extra shoes or other kids items.  Most of their regular items went in the mud room as that was off of the garage.

I adore the frame that we hung above the bench, it is a brass frame and you usually don’t see that.  It lends itself so much to the room!  Our realtor said we should take it out to sell because it was a picture of our daughter, but I didn’t care!  It looks artsy, and just fit that space so well.  We got it at Crate and Barrel.  They don’t look to carry it anymore, but here is one that I think is exactly the same thing!  Just $30 cheaper than I spent.  Good for you, and sucks I didn’t find it til now.   Better picture of it here:

Items we used:

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