Easy In-drawer Silverware Organizer

I did the DIY silverware organizer a few years ago.  I went to the store, bought thin pieces of wood, cut each piece to size and glued them all in place.  A few things came of this.  First, I couldn’t remove them to clean it really well.  Crumbs get in drawers, you can’t get around this!  Then, it just didn’t look professional, there was a little glue sticking out on some ends and it yellowed with age making it look kind of gross!  

When we moved I ended up putting a plastic silverware  tray in and called it a day, or so I thought… 

Every time I opened the drawer it looked like this:

With the drawer opening, it slide all around and I was constantly putting it back in place.  Things got lost in the back and it was a pain to find anything!

Enter this wood silverware organizer:

This one is a bit more unique as you cut it to fit perfectly in your drawer.  You order it a little bigger than your drawer and can cut it so it doesn’t slide around!  Exactly what I needed.  It comes in different finishes but I choose natural and I am glad I did because it perfectly matches my drawer finish.

First I taped it before I cut it so that the wood didn’t splinter.  Unfortunately we recently got rid of our table saw because we need to get a nicer one but I used a jigsaw and it worked just fine for the job!

And here is after I cut it and placed it in the drawer!  Of course you could use the spots for whatever you would like, but with kids I used the narrow spot for medicine syringes and the 5th silverware slot for some of their silverware.  🙂

You can get it here.  This product was only around $35 and took me maybe 5 minutes to cut and place in the drawer.  Made me wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.  Next I will be doing my cooking utensil drawer with the organizer they have for that.

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