Master Bedroom Redo

Our first project in our old house was the master bedroom.  It was two rooms connected and super awkward.  Did I mention it had two doorways (one without a door) and no closet?!?

View from sitting room.

Some photos of the progress we made in our old Master:

Master Bedroom before

Another before shot (after we painted).  Here is the two doorways!  The one on the right didn’t have a door either.  After doing some demo in the hallway, we found out that was an old closet for this room.  This house was added onto which is why there is two rooms right next to each other and no closet.

Here, we started framing out our new closet.  

I had just given birth so my poor husband had to do the majority of the work at this point!

Making the closet shelving by myself!

We added trim we took out from an old farmhouse.

Had to paint to make it look good!

Here is all the after shots.  We made it simple and clean.  We used to have dressers but because our closet was so large we took those out to make it open and airy.  We refinished the original hardwood floors but unfortunately in the sitting room/ closet since it was an addition there was not hardwood under there so it stayed as carpet.  

View of the bed. (yes I know the curtains don’t hang low enough!)

Finished walk-in closet.

View from bedroom into sitting area.

Additonal view of room. Closet is behind the doorway by TV.

View from sitting room.

Here is some of the items we used in our bedroom, closet, and sitting area:

We used wood hangers to make the closet clean and organized.  You can get them here.

These plastic bins were very useful for little things like socks in our closet. You can get them here.

A large basket next to the chaise is wonderful to store blankets and extra pillows.  You can get this one here.

A cotton area rug under the bed makes it comfortable and cozy.  I love this one.

A modern gray chaise is something you just want to snuggle up in to watch TV.  Here is one similiar to what we have.

We paired a lot of mixed use pieces.  Although our house was of victorian era, we had a very modern/ mid century vibe in the bedroom.  These nightstands are close to what we have.

Having a modern platform bed adds height to the room, and a nice clean aesthetic.  This one you can get here.

Stay tuned for more room redos and remodels as I show you our old house.  And follow us for more updates that we do to our new house to make it our forever home.

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